Canadian RV Mats

Canadian RV Mats is more than just “Mats”.

We began with just one product and have quickly expanded and diversified our product line.

At Canadian RV Mats, we started years ago with the simple idea of making a better mat for our own campsite.

So, we took it upon ourselves to create our own RV Mat and prioritized the following necessary features that we wanted to see out of an excellent quality RV ground mat:

  • A mat that was easy to dry and not get moldy
  • A mat that doesn’t smell after being stored, even if it is still damp
  • A mat that can stretch the length of our RV
  • A mat that can be staked in place and not move
  • And best of all, a mat that doesn’t kill the grass beneath it

Thanks to our great customers. They have allowed us the ability to continually expand our product line and increase our selling partners, which is now over 200 across Canada!

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